You might have read Plato’s Chariot Allegory. It is a fitting narrative today as it was back in 370 BC; the human soul comprised of a charioteer of reason and two winged horses; one black representing the sinful appetites of man and one white representing lofty spirit and boldness. Outdated stereotypes aside, the charioteer drives to ascend divine heights but has to navigate with two flying horses, each pulling in opposite directions.

The world around us is pulling in opposite directions as we each try to navigate to our higher personal selves. The new machines around us are in many ways now starting to do the same thing, rising upwards while driven by often-conflicting goals. Here at Harbor we invite you to our Technology Monthly publication of the new, beautiful and thoughtful technology and shall do our best to guide you upwards towards the heights of a promising future.


The trends we see woven throughout the tech industry are all interconnected black and white horses. Our job is help you understand more clearly and ascend, even a little, in that knowledge.

In summary, we think this is a worthwhile idea: In the face of pulling uncertainty, consumers will look for technologies not that merely temper worries, but reconnect us all with our own humanity, time to enjoy it and each other. We, and the amazing technologies connected to us, are just starting to do that. Where will you connect?