About Harbor



70+ yrs of craftsmanship


Integrated tech & customer experience designers


Retail, design + build at scale

Founded on craftsmanship in 1946. Known today for craftsmanship and retail design + build.

Over the course of 70+ years, Harbor grew from seven people and a 15,000 square foot woodworking plant to over 250 team members with two manufacturing plants capable of retail research & strategy, environmental design & custom engineering, rapid prototyping, technology integration, steel, metal, plastics & wood lines (fabrication to finishing), lamination, assembly, shipping & logistics. What’s more, Harbor is focused on American jobs and global sustainability through the balance of advancements in machine automation and consistent pursuit of ethical manufacturing practices.

So, how did seven team members skilled in woodworking turn into one of the nation’s most formidable retail design + build firms?

Focus on the 3Ps: People. Product. Profit.

Let’s break this down into a sailing metaphor. After all, our name is Harbor and we are on the water.

Over the course of 70+ years Harbor learned to navigate smooth waters with a clear horizon; as well as how to avoid capsizing from vicious swells and rogue surfs.

The outcome?

Keeping control of the ship through varying courses made Harbor a vessel of strength. Even more important, these experiences on the water created a crew of leaders who are experts in their fields, who think critically, who are adaptable, and who empower their crew.

As a master of the open sea, Harbor can now create ripples that will turn into a growing wake, producing a surf that will propel our ship past competition and into lifelong client relationships.

It took Harbor almost 70 years and a change in ownership to learn how to apply its history and the power of the 3Ps, but the results made the journey through high seas worth it.

Want to learn more?


Today, Harbor firmly casts its sights on the open waters of retail through the contribution of insightful, impactful and innovative customer experiences and path to purchase moments, by way of environmental design, retail fixtures and technology integration. Our expert teams help major brands and retailers deliver memorable moments in what could be seen as strictly retail operations; like BOPIS (or click and collect), self checkout and frictionless retail experiences. With technology integration as a part of our design process Harbor is focused on creating reliable digital experiences to surprise and delight shoppers while creating operational efficiencies for the brand and retailer, like our offline voice activation experience with Self Healing TechnologyTM.

With a portfolio of major brands like GE and Nordstrom, to big-box retailers like Target and Best Buy, Harbor knows how to navigate the modern-day waters of retail with confidence and the tools to weather any storm. So, when our nation faces pandemics like Covid-19, Harbor can be found working on retail solutions to help shopper and associates stay safe and encourage post-pandemic confidence to return to normal retail routines.

If you have a retail activation or customer experience question (related to Covid-19 or not), please ping us. We are always happy to workshop out solutions, share POVs or simply connect and network across the retail category.